The Studio


This ten-minute drama centers on the disappointments that arise from a confusion of identities.  The play opens as Caroline, a young journalist, returns after almost 20 years to the ballet studio where she had taken lessons as a child.  The Master Teacher appears to remember her, and enthusiastically launches into ballet warm-up exercises with Caroline.  But the young woman proves incompetent, and the Master Teacher realizes that Caroline is not her star pupil from years past.


Caroline’s disappointment is further cemented by the revelation that the Master Teacher had found her performance as a child so lackluster that she had asked Caroline’s mother to remove her from the class.  Caroline seeks to assuage her hurt feelings with a fresh start in adult ballet lessons, or at least by writing a profile of her Master Teacher.  But as the Master Teacher reveals her own career disappointments and dismisses Caroline from the studio, the young woman agrees that she has sought connection in the wrong place.




Play Structure:

1 Act: 10-minute play

Cast size:




2 female


The present.


Ballet studio.


Piano music.






Production History


The Studio received its premiere production by Love Creek Productions at the Harold Clurman Theatre in New York City on December 14-15, 1996, in its 1996 Fall One-Act Festival.  The play was directed by Vesna Tolomanoska.