The Q-Factor


This hour-long experimental play, co-written with three other playwrights, follows the journey of the starship M.O. Sizlac to deliver its mysterious cargo, the Q-Factor, to its allies behind enemy lines.


Newly-minted Captain Jessica Allbright commands the ship, maintaining order while her Communications Officer, Lieutenant Mentat, asserts her career ambitions, and her Weapons Officer, Commander Quall, tries to hide her ancestral links to the enemy Voltarins.  Through it all, the gender-uncertain SIMPLAMALF (artificial life form created to serve as a worker) aids and disrupts its human superiors.




Play Structure:

1 Act: 40-minute play

Cast size:




4 female


The 25th century.


The three officers wear starship uniforms; CBX 9000 wears attire appropriate to an artificial life form.



The command deck of the M. O. Sizlac.


A mostly bare stage.







Production History


The Q-Factor received its premiere production by LiveGirls! Theater in Seattle, WA, on July 22, 2005, as part of Bakers Dozen, a playmaking experiment involving 4 writers, 4 directors, 4 actors, and 13 days.  The festival was coordinated by Meghan Arnette, with the Bakers Dozen outline created by Raymond Williams.  The play was co-written with Cristina Gomez Key, Holly Arsenault, and Cassie Sanders, and was directed by Heather Bottomley, Sophi Sagall Hopkins, Zanne Gerrard, and Brooke Cochran, with the following cast:



Capt. Allbright

Katie Bartholomew

Commander Quall

Stephanie Merrow

Lt. Mentat

Erin Palmer

CBX 9000

Brandon Jepson