Killing Double


This fifteen-minute experimental play explores the dual nature of the self, through the lens of two twins in conflict.  The character of the Fifth, a cousin of the twins, try to mediate between them:  after being helpless to aid a woman who had shot herself, one twin has turned to alcohol, and the other sees guns everywhere.  The twins’ special connection seems broken.


Into this mix enters Death, embodied in Female and Male forms, mirroring the dual nature of the twins.  The twins’ inability to deal with the traumatic event they witnessed leads them to turn on each other, to the point of inflicting murder in order to silence the pain within the self.  The twins’ cousin tries with futility to stop these events, which demonstrate the conflict between permanency and change.




Cast size:




1 female, 1 male, 3 either gender


The immortal time of the psyche.


The ephemeral bridge between the unconscious and the conscious mind.


A mostly bare stage. 



Conventional blocking and presentation in the style of realism should both be used sparingly, primarily when Fifth interacts with Twins.