Glimpsing Sickness


Inspirations and Intentions

Glimpsing Sickness was created based on my experiences of illness in my family.Despite the fact that many illnesses are seriously debilitating and life-altering, we still cannot see them clearly.We can only get a small glimpse of the outward effects of an illness.Medical science has helped somewhat, in identifying and treating serious illnesses such as stroke, but it has been less successful in predicting the effects of the use of a combination of drugs for various conditions, and there are still thousands of cancer deaths each year.Even when we know scientifically about disease or illness, the human side of living with illness can still remain incomprehensible.I donít know, and probably never will know, what my grandmother is thinking now as she walks around my parentsí home dusting or scribbling her name, but at least she is living out her last years as happy as would a two-year-old in a loving, comfortable home.Glimpsing Sickness may not provide any real answers even to my own questions, but exploration and questioning are the first step to greater understanding.




Play Structure:

1 Act

Cast size:




2 female, 1 male, 2 gender flexible.


1980 and 1993


Grandmaís home; Garage of Taraís parentsí home.


Flexible, one set.


Hospital stretcher; living room furnishings






Publication History


Glimpsing Sickness was published in the journal Wings, Clifton, NJ; May 1995.