This ten-minute experimental play concerns the trauma experienced by soldiers who kill during war.  The action centers on four soldiers who conduct reconnaissance, discipline each other when the stresses of war become too great, and briefly tell their war stories about avoiding actual kills.


These soldiers are supplemented by a Captain, who repeatedly orders them to fire, a Medic who struggles with the ghostly legacy of his killings, and members of a firing squad who wrestle with the uncertainty of whether they have taken a life.  The play ends with a question, asking why so many soldiers – trained to kill by profession – have refused to fulfill that duty on the battlefield.




Play Structure:

1 Act:  10-minute play

Cast size:

4 - 10



Mostly male, although all roles may be alternatively cast female


The nether time of mental anguish


War zone.


A bare stage.


Working gun.






Production History


Fire! received its premiere production by Two Bit Productions at the Odd Duck Studio in Seattle, Washington, on January 6-17, 1999, in its festival “Dimebag:  An Evening of Ten Minute Plays”.  The play was directed by Monique L. Kleinhans, with the following cast:



Man #1,

Firing Squad


Justin Irish

Man #4,




Julia Leichman

Man #2,

Firing Squad


Ariadne Shaffer

Man #3,

Firing Squad


Brock Walker