Fanged and Hairy and Mad


This ten-minute satire juxtaposes two different kinds of recruitment:  the recruitment of young racists into white supremacist groups, and the “recruitment” of romantic partners through singles ads.


As the plays opens, the Man in Shadow regales his listeners with fear-mongering predictions about the destruction of American society by virtue of its multi-ethnic characteristics.  Interspersed with his admonitions are live, gender-bending presentations of singles advertisements, seeking to attract a wide variety of dating possibilities.  The juxtapositions provide their own dark “commentary” on the many types of connections available to the young and unmoored.




Play Structure:

1 Act:  10-minute play

Cast size:




2 female, 3 male


The present.


The void from which recruitment springs


Bare stage with a spotlight aimed downcenter.  The Man in Shadow sits upcenter in shadow.  The Women and Men enter from, and exit to, wings and peripheral areas into spotlights to speak their lines.






Production History


Fanged and Hairy and Mad received its premiere production by the Committee of Five at Brandeis University on March 29, 1996, in its festival “The Riot Act”.  The play was directed by Dimitry Troyanovsky, with the following cast:



Man in Shadow

Kirk Diedrich


Heather Carnduff


Martin Gobbee