Boreal Mirage: The Infinity of Antarctica


This three-part experimental butoh-influenced scenario explores the elements and milieu of the frozen continent of Antarctica.  Three ghostly Visitors enter and explore the Antarctic environment created by an ensemble of at least five Elements, butoh dancers who express the geo-meteorological elements of Antarctica's landscape and climate.  These Visitors interact with the changing Antarctic landscape, embodying ghosts of past boreal icebergs, past wildlife, and previous visitors of all kinds.


Part I introduces Antarctica as a world of the “Frozen Bright,” with the Elements foregrounding the colors present in its kaleidoscopes, mirages, and whitescapes.  In Part II, the landscape shows its “Chameleon” aspects, erupting in galestorms and collisions of ice slabs.  Part III culminates in “Glacial Visions” of a sunbreak after the storm, of the volcanic gas emitted in the fumarole, and of the amazing hues of the algae newborn in the midst of all this dynamicism.  Throughout these changes, the Visitors face the challenge of surviving in these tumultuous surroundings.




Play Structure:

3 Part:  full-length butoh scenario

Cast size:




all androgynous


The everlasting present.




A mostly bare stage. 


Choreography should combine fundamentals of Japanese butoh with expressionist evocation of geo-meteorological aspects of Antarctica.