Two If By Sea


This ten-minute comedy opens as Paul Revere, the American hero, trips over a washtub in the darkness.The noise wakes his wife, Rachel, who enters and scolds him.Paul tells her of his plans begin one of his rides, and Rachel suggests he bring some lanterns to light his way.


Rachel further objects to Paulís plan to ride on Sunday, the Sabbath.However, Paul reassures her, and eventually agrees to take the precautions suggested by Rachel.The play ends with a visual image of the lanterns, to signify the joint cooperation and understanding between Paul and Rachel during this time of upheaval in American history.




Play Structure:

1 Act:10-minute play

Cast size:




1 female, 1 male


Before sunrise on Sunday, April 16, 1775.


The kitchen and main living space of the Revere home in Boston.